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    5 Botox Myths Debunked


    Botox is a compound made from bacteria which sounds concerning, further to this receiving facial injections can also be daunting! A few celebrities exhibit an overdone look which compounds these fears as the majority of patients desire an absolutely natural look. Botox injections in the right hands are very, very safe. The treatment can give one a completely fresh appearance, and for those who suffer from excessive sweating and body odor injections in the axilla can literally be life changing. Before you swear off Botox for life, keep reading. Here are five Botox myths we’re debunking.

    1. The Biggest Botox Myths Claim It’s Toxic Let’s clear this one up straight away.

    Yes, it’s true that Botox is a toxin.However when diluted by an experienced practitioner it is very safe, having an incredible safety record. Precise injections through the hands of doctor will virtually eliminate the risk of the drug spreading to the “wrong” muscles or areas. There have been no long term/permanent side effects reported from botox injections.

    Botox is also used to effectively treat medical disorders like migraines, back pain, cerebral palsy, tic disorders, and even spastic limbs due to a stroke.

    However, as with any other drug, Botox is only safe when it’s administered correctly. For cosmetic uses, patients typically receive between 100 units per treatment.

    A fatal dose is 2800 units, about 100 times higher than what is administered to eliminate your crows feet and wrinkles.

    2. Botox Will Distort Your Facial Expressions

    The aim of receiving Botox is to look fresher and rejuvenated. The fear is that with too much Botox, you’ll end up looking like a parody of yourself. At Skin Science Clinic, we specialise in baby botox injections, which have an aim of producing a very natural result.

    Worse yet, is the fear that you’ll experience difficulties making facial expressions or have a frozen look. The truth is that the only way your facial expressions end up distorted is if the Botox wasn’t administered correctly. If you’re looking to achieve a youthful look, it’s strongly advisable for you to seek out a qualified physician.

    Those seeking to save a few pounds by heading to a salon may end up seriously regretting their decision. While Botox is safe, there are consequences if it is injected incorrectly.

    3. Botox Is Addictive

    If a botched Botox injection isn’t bad enough, there is a myth that Botox is addictive, however, there is no credible evidence to this claim. Botox molecules do not have properties to bring about physiological addiction.

    Botox treatments last anywhere from three to four months. After this, patients often seek repeat treatment. Patients obviously love the refreshed look they experience as a result of our baby botox injections.

    4. It’s Painful To Receive Botox Injections

    Another “fact” among common Botox myths is that Botox injections are painful. However, most patients report that the injections are practically pain-free. In fact, there are very few reports of any type of unpleasant sensations before, during, or after their treatments. We use ultra-thin Japanese needles which are far superior to other needles available on the market.

    Many Botox patients report that their injections feel similar to a small scratch. For most, there is no bruising, but it is possible for a tiny bruise to form at the site of the injection.

    Botox myths also falsely claim that the injections are painful for your muscles, however, the truth is that your muscles actually now have a chance to relax.

    As we laugh, cry, and make other facial expressions, our facial muscles are hard at work. This muscle movement is what results in etching of lines and wrinkles in patients skin. Receiving Botox enables our muscles to relax for a period of time resulting in fewer wrinkles and “crows feet” in the future.

    5. Botox Is Permanent

    One huge fear is that if you receive a botched Botox treatment, your facial structure will be changed forever. The results of Botox injections last up to 4 months, the results are never permanent.

    Other points:

    Some patients feel that they have built up immunity to Botox, this is extremely rare. On the contrary, if a patient receives regular Botox treatments, they may require top up treatments less often in the future as there is a “cumulative” effect to the treatments.

    Patients now tend to consider botox injections from their mid-late twenties, often as a preventative treatment

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    For more information the various benefits of Botox you can read my blog on What Is Botox.

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