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    We provide leading personalised treatments in the world of skin and hair science

    Dr Adil Sarwar Delivers Botox



    Skin Science Clinic was founded by Dr Adil Sarwar (MBBS, BSc, MRCGP), a leading, London based cosmetic doctor, formerly employed at the award winning, globally acclaimed Harley Street skin clinic in London. Here he successfully performed thousands of procedures. Specialising on all aspects of aesthetics, primarily in non surgical cosmetic treatments, focusing on the face, skin and scalp. Doctor Adil Sarwar has featured on Panel discussions on Sky TV and other mainstream media outlets.

    Dr Adil Sarwar holds a vibrant passion for the science and innovation in hair, skin and scalp treatment. His approach is to enhance the natural components in the patient to achieve the most desirable outcome, working closely on a one to one basis with the patient, he carries out all procedures himself.

    Dr Adil Sarwar - Skin Science Clinin in London



    Born and raised in London, Dr Sarwar achieved secondary and higher education at Dulwich College. Dr Adil Sarwar was an award-winning medical student of Barts and the London University, which the Guardian ranked second nationally in 2017 for the subject of medicine. He specialises in facial procedures with an emphasis of a “natural result”. Dr Sarwar first developed an interest in Botox treatment during a scholarship placement at the Ivy League-affiliated Columbia Presbyterian Hospital in New York in 2009.

    This scholarship was awarded to the top ten medical students of the year group. Here he developed an insight into the different uses of Botox. Training under Vascular Surgeons in 2010, Dr Sarwar provided Botox treatment to alleviate hyperhidrosis for NHS patients. He was quickly recognized as having a natural talent in handling botox.

    From 2013-2017 he worked for the world renowned Harley Street Skin Clinic, where he developed a vast
    experience in cosmetic treatments. He has further undergone extensive training and successfully
    completed multiple hair transplantations.

    Dr Sarwar with a patient after lip filler treatment



    His approach is one that provides a holistic solution using the best science and research to create the perfect result. He prides himself and his clinic on a personable, and open policy, where the patient is involved in the understanding and implementation of their chosen procedures. To that end he aims to achieve the results that every patient is happy with. Being a perfectionist by nature has meant that his application and deliverance on aesthetics is never short of patient satisfaction.

    Dr Sarwar encourages patients to do their research, ask questions and insist on the best technology available.
    Skin science clinic promotes a friendly environment, in which patients can feel comfortable, whilst receiving
    wonderful clinical enhancements.