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    Botox Prices: How much can I expect to pay for quality?

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    At Skin Science Clinic, the price of botox injections for lines and wrinkles start from £199 ranging up to £359. For many years now, botox injections (of botulinum toxin) have been used to cosmetically enhance people’s faces and is popular among both men and women. It refers to precise injections in different facial muscles that smooth and removes wrinkles by safely and temporarily paralysing facial muscles.

    Patients often describe seeing vastly different pricing structures for botox treatments amongst clinics, so we hope the transparent nature of the following article helps to clarify how we see things at Skin Science Clinic. As always, only fully medically trained professionals perform the injections within our clinic, and we do not charge consultation fees.

    Fair prices dependant on facial areas

    We structure our comprehensive price list according to facial areas, and classify the three areas as follows:

    1. Between the eyes (more commonly known as “frown lines” and close to “bunny lines”)
    2. The upper forehead (these lines and wrinkles are horizontal in nature)
    3. Around the eyes (otherwise known as “crow feet” or “crow’s feet”)

    We generally recommend Botox in all three areas, which we price at £359. However, not all patients desire wrinkle softening across all three zones, so we, therefore, offer the following, flexible pricing structure:

    One area only, £199. Two areas for £289 or all three areas for the best results and highest impact for anti-ageing £359.

    We never charge by the number of Botox units injected, as we feel this makes costings less transparent for our patients. We believe in charging for a result and not the number of units you require.

    Please note that some clinics charge males more for botox injections than females. At Skin Science Clinic, we always charge the same for both sexes to ensure our prices are fair and consistent.

    A two-step approach by a trained medical professional

    We emphasise a two-step approach to botox treatment, which involves two appointments at our Harley Street clinic. This is because the majority of our patients do not desire a ‘fully frozen’ look; they want a more natural look and this can be achieved within two sessions.

    Patients visit us for a check-up after two weeks, during which time more botox is injected (please note this top-up is completely free of charge). If there are any concerns before this appointment or you are not fully happy with the result, patients are welcome to pop into the skin clinic for a complimentary review.

    The results of botox treatments last roughly 3-4 months, after which repeat treatment is required. Unfortunately, there is no long-term or permanent fix with wrinkle injectables in the upper third of the face. But, this highly effective and safe semi-permanent solution to ageing is very popular nonetheless.

    Other specialist botox prices and treatments to consider

    Hyperhidrosis This is a specialist treatment for excess sweating under the arm. It does not require a top-up and involves injections of two full vials of botox. Priced at £379.

    Botox Brow Lift Another specialist treatment, the ‘botox brow lift’ helps to lift the tail of one’s eyebrow, immediately improving not only the lines and wrinkles around the eyes but also the eyebrow position. The price includes a complimentary top-up. Priced at £289.

    Jawline Slimming This treatment involves botox injections in the masseter muscles, to reduce the density of the jawline. No top-up is required, but generally, a course of three injections provide the most beneficial results. Priced at £299.

    Chin Botox This injection helps to smooth the chin and reduce the dimpling which can occur through the ageing process. Priced at £99.

    Nefertiti Botox This improves the appearance of the neck, for a smoother and tighter feel and appearance. A top-up appointment is required after two weeks. Priced at £299.

    Quality over quantity across our botox price list

    Our prices are not the cheapest available and we are aware of this. However, all our botox injections are freshly diluted and injected with ultra fine premium Japanese needles. This makes the injection process far less painful than other sub-par needles and reflects our very professional approach.

    We do not charge per unit of botox and will subsequently never charge for post-treatment top-ups either.

    Most importantly all injections are administered by Dr Sarwar who has years of experience handling botox and can deal with any potential complications which can occur. Side effects are extremely rare, but you could expect a little swelling and redness in the area following treatment.

    If you’d like to inquire about botox injections, dermal filler or any other anti-ageing treatments available at our clinic, get in touch on  020 7971 77 64.

    There are a lot of myths surrounding Botox. I have recently produced a blog that tackles the top 5 Botox Myths.

    Put your faith in the experts

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