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    Dermal filler injections: Combating the signs of ageing

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    Dermal filler injections have increased in popularity over the last five to ten years. They are a safe and highly effective method to add lost volume, plumpness and elasticity in the skin; successfully combating lines and wrinkles the most common early signs of ageing skin. 

    The Liquid Face-lift: an effective anti-ageing treatment without surgery

    Dermal fillers are one of our most popular treatments at Skin Science Clinic. The introduction of Injectable treatments has revolutionised the cosmetic surgery sector, with patients now able to delay or avoid cosmetic surgery by having annual dermal filler injections. From over the age of 25, some patients can experience volume loss – complaining of appearing ‘fatigued’.


    This is often the result of deflation and descent of the fat pads of the cheek, which can also manifest as a ‘sagging’ look in the cheeks, or hollowness in the eye area. Cheek Fillers can correct these anatomical changes with results often described as a ‘liquid face-lift’.

    Natural looking results with hyaluronic fillers

    Skin Science Clinic uses only the best, natural hyaluronic acid products which can last up to 18 months. Hyaluronic acid is a naturally occurring sugar molecule in the body, which is mostly present within our skin. It plays a crucial role in providing excellent moisturisation and gives us the plump and youthful look to our skin that we love.


    Through the ageing process, our skin naturally loses the concentration of hyaluronic acid, resulting in dehydrated skin, fine lines, wrinkles and hollowness in certain areas of the face. By injecting hyaluronic acid through careful techniques, we are able to restore the skin’s natural hyaluronic acid concentrations and provide wonderful structural enhancements. These enhancements add and restore lost volume resulting in a natural looking results: plump and beautifully youthful skin.

    Dermal fillers: how does it work?

    The injected hyaluronic acid absorbs a high concentration of water molecules, resulting in skin hydration lasting up to 18 months. Fillers do not last as long in highly mobile areas, such as the lips (i.e. lip fillers), where results last up to nine months. Many patients ask why topical hyaluronic acid is not as good as injectable treatments. The reason for this is that the skin (which is a strong barrier) prevents delivery of molecules where they are needed most, just beneath the top layer of the skin. Hence why injections are most effective, delivering the hyaluronic acid and it’s high concentration of water molecules precisely where they are needed for optimal results. 

    How many syringes will be needed?

    A common question is how many syringes will be needed to achieve a certain result? A suitable answer can only be given after our initial consultation. At the free consultation, we will examine your anatomy and discuss your needs and concerns. It is important to bear in mind that the first time you have filler injections you may require a few syringes to help build a solid foundation. After which, top-up treatments of less volume will be required over the years. Our very own, highly trained, Dr Sarwar often compares this to building a house. First, you must build a safe and solid structure before highlighting and building upon your most beautiful features. Under-treating an area with an insufficient number of syringes at first, can lead to patient frustrations and disappointment with the results.

    Juvederm Vycross Fillers: The best on the market

    We only ever inject Juvederm Vycross fillers. These are without a doubt, the most superior fillers on the market due to the cross-linking nature of the hyaluronic acids. Other filler brands may leave you looking rigid, whereas the superior technology of the Juvederm range blends into the skin’s natural anatomy, beautifully.


    We have used Restylane, Teosyal and Belotero in the past, and strongly believe Juvederm products produce the best results. Juvederm products are ‘creamy’; integrating into the skin and deeper tissues perfectly. We are not the cheapest in London for dermal filler injections, there are many other clinics who provide treatments at a lower price. However, at our clinic, all of our injections are carried out by a fully qualified medical doctor.

    An experienced doctor who understands facial anatomy

    Dr Sarwar is highly trained and has been a doctor for eight years, with years of experience within the cosmetic industry. Through his experience, he exhibits artistry to help restore and improve facial anatomy, whilst maintaining safe practice using the most superior products on the market.


    There are some risks involved with dermal filler injections and although extremely rare, Dr Sarwar is able to dissolve fillers if there is an issue, or if a patient is not fully satisfied with the result. Thankfully, side effects are very rare but could include slight swelling, redness of the skin or bruising at the injection site. In extremely rare cases the filler may cause tiny bumps beneath the skin, but this improves quickly and is usually nothing to worry about. All will be explained within your consultation with the doctor.

    A free consultation with Skin Science Clinic

    At Skin Science Clinic, our process of treatment involves a free consultation where Dr Sarwar will use mirrors, drawings and photography to really show you what is possible through these dermal temporary fillers.


    The procedure itself is not ‘painful’ as topical anaesthetic is applied 20 minutes beforehand. We also use ultra-fine Japanese needles and cannulas which work to minimise pain and maximise comfort during the treatment. Juvederm products also have a low viscosity (not overly thick) so patients are in minimal discomfort when receiving the injections.

    Why chose dermal filler injections?

    Dermal fillers are not just used to combat the signs of ageing, although that is the most popular reason to undergo this highly effective treatment. They can also be used with exceptional results to reshape certain areas of the face. Here are some other key reasons why you might opt for this treatment, including how many syringes to expect, on average.


    I want to…Syringes required
    Minimise and soften lines and wrinkles around my nose and mouth (injected around the nasolabial folds and mouth)  Two
    Improve my lip volume and shape               One
    Re-shape my nose                One
    Improve the definition of my jawline               Two
    Restore my cheek volume and / or contour my cheeks               Two
    Undergo skin mesotherapy (a skin rejuvenation treatment that focuses on hydration of problem areas)               Two


    For most of the dermal filler treatments above, Dr Sarwar encourages patients to restore things in a gradual process rather than undergo multiple treatments in one session. This makes the overall process more comfortable for the patient and allows one to truly appreciate the small and intricate improvements, which the injections provide.


    We do not use permanent fillers or silicone, which are now generally frowned upon amongst respected healthcare professionals. Our techniques for injection involve both micro-cannulas and also ultra fine Japanese needles. Depending upon the treatment area, the fillers can be injected under the skin, or closer to the periosteum (bone).


    Patients often ask if there are alternatives to filler injections. But unfortunately, at the moment the only suitable and safe alternative is fat transfer, which we do not perform at our clinic.

    A softer alternative with similar, great results

    Some patients do not require a structural improvement to their face but would like a strong improvement in the appearance of their skin. In this case, we inject a softer hyaluronic acid product, named Juvederm Volite. The Volite rapidly improves the texture, tone and clarity of the skin without any volumetric changes. Unlike other skin boosters, the results of this treatment last nine months. These injections also work wonderfully on open pores.

    Dermal fillers: ask your clinic the right questions

    Overall, dermal filler injections are globally accepted to be a safe and highly effective cosmetic treatment, benefiting both men and women. Wherever you visit for treatment, make sure you inquire about the following before making an informed decision:


    • How qualified is the injector?
    • Can they deal with any potential complications?
    • Which product is to be injected and why?
    • What post-treatment support will be provided?


    We hope you’ve found our article about dermal filler injections helpful in your quest to combat the signs of ageing! If you want to learn more about filler injections please take the time to read my complete guide to Dermal Fillers.

    To book a free consultation with Dr Sawar or to ask us any further questions about injectable treatments that produce natural-looking results, get in touch on 020 7971 77 64.

    Put your faith in the experts

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