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    Hair Free Skin with Soprano Titanium

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    Hair free skin has long been coveted in society, possibly due to its connotations with cleanliness and hygiene. For many, it is also more aesthetically pleasing. 

    This desire for hair free skin can be traced back to Ancient Rome and Egyptian times.

    Infact, Egypt and India were the first countries to produce copper razors used by women to eliminate hair growth. The upper-class Roman women of the sixth century used tweezers, pumice stones and depilatories to achieve a desired degree of hairlessness, while the Egyptians of Cleopatra’s time used a sugar mixture in a method similar to waxing. Fortunately, hair removal methods have become significantly more sophisticated since then with the use of laser hair removal becoming an increasingly popular choice. 

    Why laser hair removal is the smart approach for those wanting smoother, hair free skin.

    Like many women, I have explored a plethora of hair removal methods. Each method was time consuming and painful, with results lasting a few weeks at best (which was probably the most frustrating thing of all!). 

    This prompted me to try laser hair removal and, I am not exaggerating when I say, it was life changing! 

    I had my treatment completed at Skin Science Clinic. I made this decision because the Doctor here has invested in the best laser machine available on the market today: the Soprano Titanium ICE. This machine is safe to use on all skin colours and has a range of features, making it significantly superior to others.  

    Since having my treatment, I wake up every morning feeling fresh and clean; I can slip into any of my clothes without worrying about any hair growth. I know my skin looks its best, in fact,  laser hair removal helped to improve the tone of my skin too. 

    What makes the Soprano Titanium so special?

    Laser Wavelengths Count!

    Soprano’s 3D technology combines the three most effective laser wavelengths into the applicators. This targets different tissue depths and anatomical structures within the hair follicle leading to better results.

    The first wavelength penetrates deep into the dermis (at 1064nm) killing off the hair follicle’s blood supply.

    The second wavelength penetrates skin at a medium depth (810nm) working on the shaft of the hair. 

    The third wavelength works more at a surface level, ideal for killing lighter, finer hair. 

    The use of three different wavelengths means different hair types can be targeted and so can different hair depths (growth cycles), giving better, more lasting results. 


    How energy is delivered:

    Gradual energy delivery means any risk of burning or overheating the skin is very minimal compared to other machines. In older machines, high shots of energy are sent into the skin causing higher levels of tissue damage around the hair follicle. 

    Soprano Titanium uses in motion technology, slowly heating the hair follicle, whilst simultaneously keeping skin cool;  reducing tissue damage and making the treatment very comfortable, many clients describe the treatment as a heated massage!


    The Soprano Titanium Ice also has three different handpieces: large, medium and small – allowing for all areas and contours of the body and face to be treated effectively. The window on each handpiece is larger than other machines which means a larger grid size can be covered, resulting in 40% shorter treatment time. 

    ICE Plus technology – a continuous cooling system

    Soprano Titanium’s advanced technology continuously cools the skin throughout the entire treatment. If skin does feel hot, the tip can be cooled to -3C very quickly bringing an instant cooling effect to the skin. The cold saphire tip minimises any risk of skin burning while maintaining a constant effective heat level within the dermis. 

    What will happen during my treatment?

    1. You will need to come in for a patch test at least 24 hours before your treatment date. During this time, the Aesthetician will carry out a consultation, answer any questions and advise you on a treatment plan that best suits you and your budget, 
    2. On the day of treatment, the Aesthetician will ask you to come to the appointment having shaved the treatment area(s) (we recommend you shave 24 hours before your appointment to reduce discomfort). You will be made comfortable on the couch before any treatment begins.
    3. Areas to be treated will be marked out with a pencil, then an aqueous gel will be applied to the skin and treatment can begin.
    4. The Aesthetician will enter all the relevant information into the machine, then place the handpiece on the skin and glide over the treatment area for a specified amount of time. 
    5. The treatment should not be painful and the Aesthetician will communicate with you throughout the treatment to ensure you are as comfortable as possible. 
    6. The area will be wiped clean. 

    Here at Skin Science we can offer you an elite treatment experience which will help you achieve smoother, hair free skin that you can feel proud of.