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    Laser hair removal – Everything you need to know

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    Laser Hair Removal - Everything You Need to Know

    The popularity of laser hair removal has skyrocketed in recent years – and it’s easy to see why.

    Laser hair removal technology has rapidly evolved to allow for a quicker, increasingly effective and virtually painless series of treatments to remove unwanted hair. It is now for everyone – laser hair removal for men and women, people of all demographics, skin types and ages.

    Today’s culture is centred around convenience and optimisation of our daily routine. Let’s face it – other methods of hair removal remain largely time-consuming, ineffective and quite simply, very uncomfortable. Nobody looks forward to the sharp pain of waxing, and shaving can often lead to irritation of the skin.

    Laser hair removal offers the perfect solution – longer-lasting effects and a more natural look. Our most advanced machinery allows for speedy, safe treatment, and laser hair removal is not painful. If you are still waxing or shaving, it’s time to make the switch to laser. 

    Skin Science Clinic and Soprano Titanium

    With that said, in order to receive the best possible laser hair removal treatment, it is essential to visit industry experts and place your trust in experienced, skilled therapists. At Skin Science Clinic, everything is premium and the attention to detail is second to none. The therapist will consult you to identify and confirm the exact areas you would like to be treated and mark them with a clear pen to ensure full accuracy.

    During the treatment itself, the therapist frequently asks to ensure you are feeling fully comfortable and at ease. Treatment is speedy, smooth and painless, as Skin Science Clinic uses only the most advanced technology – the Soprano Titanium. This is the world’s leading laser hair removal device and is capable of treating your entire back in approximately just 4 minutes, with an estimated 40% higher speed rate than other hair removal devices.

    Safety, Efficacy & Speed

    When it comes to laser hair removal devices – the Soprano Titanium reigns supreme and is considered the ultimate hair removal treatment. There is no other device or technology like it. No matter what your skin or hair type, rest assured that the Soprano Titanium has got you covered, for a few key reasons:

    • 3D technology which emits three different wavelengths simultaneously, each with their own advantages:
      • 1064nm – provides deep penetration targeting deep hair follicles and safe for darker skin types
      • 810nm – the optimal wavelength for safely removing coarse and fine hair for all skin types
      • 755nm – featuring high absorption by melanin pigments to successfully treat fine, lighter hair
    • The laser transforms into thermal energy which in turn terminates hair growth by destroying surrounding stem cells, providing you with a longer-lasting hair removal solution.
    • The unique applicator of the Soprano Titanium device overcomes challenges of various skin types, hair types and hair densities with unprecedented results. 150 laser beams at three wavelengths are emitted per second via an extra-large applicator – which means your treatment will be far quicker in comparison to other standard devices.
    • The state of the art technology delivers high fluence and high frequency lasers – this means the tissue heating is more gradual and therefore safer for the skin. The in-motion method distributes the laser energy uniformly over the skin for homogenous coverage with superior results, incredibly fast treatment and no pain.

    Preparing for your laser hair removal session

    Very little preparation is required for your laser hair removal session. All you need to do is take a blade and shave the areas you are expected to have treated. Before the session begins, your therapist will ask you more about the look you are going for and the exact areas you’d like to be treated, before marking these areas with a pen and proceeding with the hair removal.


    The Soprano Titanium has a unique cooling system known as IcePlus. As the therapist slides the smooth device across your skin, the system works to continuously cool your skin and minimise any risk of burns. The treatment is relaxing and painless, providing sensations closer to a therapeutic massage than a clinical treatment! It’s so fast, you can get it all done during a lunch break.

    Suitable for tanned skin

    The Soprano Titanium is the only FDA approved machine for tanned or darker skin tones. The laser hair removal treatment is equally effective for all skin tones, so no need to worry.

    What areas of the body can I get treated with laser hair removal?

    Laser hair removal is entirely safe to be performed on any area of the body or face. The Soprano Titanium is not only the most effective laser hair removal device, but it is also the safest.

    Is it permanent?

    Depending on the thickness and density of your unwanted hair, you will be recommended a number of sessions depending on your goals. The majority of our patients see a massive improvement after just one session. Fewer sessions will allow the hair to grow back, but with a thinner, lighter appearance. Eight sessions will be recommended to you if seeking a more ‘permanent’ hair removal solution.

    Any long-term side effects?

    There is no evidence to suggest any long-term side effects of undergoing laser hair removal. It is, of course, highly recommended that treatment is undertaken at a trusted, hygienic clinic with an experienced therapist. Technology is key – the more advanced the hair removal device, the safer and more effective the process will be for you.

    Book now

    In summary, if you are someone who has any unwanted hair on your face or body, booking a session at Skin Science Clinic with the Soprano Titanium is a no-brainer. You won’t find a more effective, safe, painless, smooth and fast laser hair removal treatment anywhere else. It’s time to throw away those waxing strips and shaving blades – it’s 2021 and there is a far superior option available.

    Client Testimonial

    At age 30, I was finally convinced to pursue my first ever laser hair removal appointment, booking a session at Skin Science Clinic. An informative consultation session with the friendly therapist helped clear up misconceptions and fears that I had about the process. I opted to have my back, shoulders and arms done during the first session. I was astounded at how relaxing, easy and comfortable the entire process was. The only thing that shocked me more was how quickly it was all over! A truly first class experience at Skin Science Clinic and I am delighted to have taken the leap over faith.” – John A.

    Soprano Laser Hair Removal at Skin Science Clinic

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