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    Laser Hair Removal for Men 

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    Over the past decade, hair removal for men has been more sought after. This I feel has tied into the boom of social media and gym culture, but these are not the only reasons.

    Why do men seek hair removal, and why is laser the best option? 

    Many men are completely happy with the distribution of their body hair and have never been concerned with shaving or waxing.

    Other men would prefer to maintain hair on their body, but seek a reduction in the quantity and density of hair.

    Others, however, for their own personal reasons may opt for a clean, hairless look.

    Some of our patients describe their dissatisfaction with the “patchy” distribution of their hair, and would rather not have patches of hair which they feel to be aesthetically unpleasing. 

    Hair removal is not restricted to just the body, men can sometimes be annoyed with their beard line and having to shave in the mid/upper cheek area. This shaving can result in ingrown hair and spots, or look unpleasant by the end of the day as this hair can regrow very quickly. 

    Traditional methods of body hair removal include:

    Waxing – limitations include pain, ingrown hairs and short term results which need to be repeated. Hair grows back in a similar number and can look aesthetically unpleasing during the regrowth stage. 

    Shaving – Shaving ones own back can be extremely challenging and one can easily miss areas. Regrowth occurs quickly and again can look aesthetically unpleasing.

    Threading – Suitable for the face but in my opinion extremely painful and not great for the skin. 

    I feel that without a doubt, the best option for hair removal is laser.

    Having had multiple sessions of laser hair removal myself, I wish I had invested in this treatment earlier.

    I began my treatment sessions with my back and shoulders and was so impressed with the results that I have now moved onto other areas.

    I feel more confident wearing vests as I no longer have a patchy distribution of hair and across my chest and stomach area hair density has reduced ( I was not personally seeking a completely clean look in these areas).

    The treatment has also saved me so much time as I no longer have to shave and consequently spend time cleaning the bathroom to ensure loose hairs are not on the floor. Almost any part of the body can be treated safely. The laser hair removal treatment was also painless. Laser hair removal has proven more effective than both shaving and waxing.


    The area above the white line exhibits a significant reduction in hair growth, the area below the white line has not yet been treated. These results are comparable to any area of the body after two sessions.

    To prepare for my session, I had to shave the areas of concern. It was difficult to reach all areas of my back, but my therapist kindly shaved wherever necessary on the day of the treatment.

    My therapist discussed in details the aims of my laser treatment mapping out the exact areas I would like treated.

    The gel was applied, cooled through the machine and the treatment itself with the Soprano was the least painful hair removal procedure I have ever experienced.

    Meet Franchesca Bunz our senior aesthetic therapist and laser hair removal expert at Skin Science Clinic London

    Laser Hair Removal for Men with Fast and Lasting Results

    After just one session I noticed an enormous reduction in hair density and growth. I then moved onto other areas of my body, including the upper cheek area, an area which I normally addressed through shaving. Again, after just one session I no longer had to shave in this area, whereas previously hair would grow back by the end of the day. 

    I am a strong advocate of the Soprano Titanium. As a clinic owner, I want my patients to experience the very best treatments through the most advanced technology.

    A few years ago I underwent laser hair removal through an IPL laser machine on Harley Street. I found the results to be good, but it was far more painful with results lasting not as long.

    It is because of this experience I invested in the best laser hair removal has to offer. Soprano Titanium laser hair removal is faster, painless and results are significantly better, 

    I would encourage men who are thinking of hair removal to come in for a free consultation.

    We make all patients feel comfortable and maintain patient dignity at all time. I can promise you will enjoy the process of hair removal and I am always available to answer any questions or concerns you may have regarding the treatment.

    We are currently running a special offer which I believe provides excellent value. Learn more about laser hair removal and the benefits.

    Soprano Laser Hair Removal at Skin Science Clinic

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