Medical Spa

Facial procedures

At our medical spa, you can experience non-surgical facial procedures that can rejuvenate your features to suit your aesthetic preferences. A 5 point lift is a great way to make your face look and feel firmer, without going under the knife; this is ideal for those who suffer from jowl heaviness and want to achieve a more youthful and defined looking jawline. 

Fine lines and wrinkles are a natural part of the ageing process, but anti-wrinkle injections can smooth the surface of your skin, helping to reverse the years; our “Baby Botox” technique is loved by clients who praise its natural finish.

If you’re hoping to enhance your features, dermal fillers are a great way to make your mouth and cheeks look fuller and your nose appear more streamlined. Our expert team will work closely with you to make sure you receive your desired aesthetic outcome, for a final look that is proportionate to your natural facial contours 

Skin treatments

If we’re stressed or under the weather, the first place it shows is on our skin. If you have a big occasion coming up, or simply want to make your skin look the best it can, you can benefit from a skin treatment at our medical spa. 

Acne is a problem for many people and it can often be difficult to treat, causing sufferers to lack confidence in their appearance. Luckily, we know the science behind skin and the best ways to make it appear more radiant and blemish free. Our acne treatments can help to treat discoloured skin and drastically reduce the appearance of blemishes and acne scars. 

Revive your complexion and restore its vibrancy with a chemical peel. This great procedure is like an amplified facial, penetrating deep beneath the skin’s layers to reduce the appearance of wrinkles, remove dead cells, and soften the texture of the skin. 

IV drips

Something you won’t find at your traditional day spa is an IV drip that can supply you with essential nutrients and give you a fresher overall appearance, all while you relax with a magazine. Many people take oral vitamins and supplements each day, but a lot of this isn’t absorbed; intravenous nutrients directly enter your bloodstream so that your cells and organs receive the optimal amount of nutrition to work to their full potential. The cocktail of health benefits in your IV drip is completely up to you, as each one is tailor-made to suit your individual preferences. 

If you feel an illness coming on, an IV drip contains immune-boosting nutrients that can help fight off illness before it starts to develop. These personalised formations also have anti-aging properties that hydrate the skin, instantly making it appear plumper, fresher and more youthful. An IV drip can even restore your energy levels, allowing you to work at full capacity days after receiving the procedure. 


Hair loss is a common occurrence, affecting around one-third of men by the age of thirty and 70% of women over 70; while it might be common, you shouldn’t have to put up with it. Hair transplants can restore your hairline; the FUE technique used is popular among clients, who praise it for yielding effective and natural looking results.

If hair thickness is your concern, then PRP might be the procedure for you. The treatment is fast, simple and surprisingly effective at stimulating hair follicle growth. This is the ideal treatment to use shortly after getting a hair transplant as it will encourage the newly embedded follicles to grow. 

If you have a big event you want to look your best for, or if you simply want to refresh your appearance and receive a confidence boost, a medical spa experience at the Skin Science Clinic is ideal for you. There is a treatment to suit everyone and our expert team will make the process as clear and enjoyable as possible.