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    Overworking, under sleeping and the occasional over partying has left my skin looking tired and dull, despite only being 26 years old.

    I have always dealt with oily skin which can be a blessing a curse at the same time. However, with oily skin comes the struggles of acne which has followed me from teenage years in to adulthood. Alongside some moderate acne, I also suffer with the occasional redness which is usually around my nose or on my cheeks accompanied by some minor acne scarring.

    Having visited skin science clinic previously for masseter botox, I knew that the friendly and knowledgeable staff here would know exactly how to help.

    During my last visit, I mentioned my skin concerns to the clinic founder Dr Adil Sarwar. He addressed my skin concerns and recommended a combined treatment of BBL Hero and Moxi treatment. Dr Adil had carefully explained that BBL Hero is a new treatment the clinic offer using broadband light therapy as a corrective treatment that would help treat my acne, and redness and overall brighten up my complexion. Dr Adil then explained that the Moxi treatment is a laser treatment that would the hyperpigmentation spots I had leftover from acne scars whilst also improving overall skin texture. It sounded almost too good to be true, so naturally, I booked in and returned to the clinic the following week.

    Upon arriving at Skin Science Clinic in the beautiful Connaught Village, I am always welcomed back by the lovely and warm Rachel, the Clinic Manager who puts me instantly at ease. Following Dr Adil’s explanation of BBL Hero and Moxi, I had little concern about the treatments. However, the helpful therapists talked me through a step-by-step process of how the treatment will go, making me comfortable with the whole procedure. They informed me the downtime would be 5-7 days and to expect redness and ‘coffee granule’ peeling during this time. I had cleared up my schedule beforehand to ensure I had no big events and could be make-up-free for at least the 5 days following the treatment. 

    To start off the treatment, I was given a gentle cleanse and tucked into the treatment bed in a robe and blanket. Numbing cream was applied to my face, and I was left for 20 minutes for this to take effect. I already felt more relaxed than I had in weeks. Once the BBL Hero began, I was surprised at how minimal the pain was.

    The therapists were so communicative throughout the whole treatment that alleviated any element of surprise. The whole experience felt very similar to laser hair removal, with warmth from the light and a rubber band popping sensation being applied to my face. Lasting around 15-20 minutes, my skin was visibly red afterwards, and my face felt a slight sunburn sensation. The Moxi treatment that followed was a heat-type sensation being applied to my face. The lovely therapists also used a fan to cool down the burning feeling that I began to feel all over my face whilst this treatment took place. The Moxi treatment took around 20 minutes to be completed, and the pain was slightly more moderate than the BBL Hero due to the burning sensation.

    The knowledgeable staff at Skin Science Clinic fully prepared me for the next few days, so I left the clinic feeling confident and excited to see results.

    On the day of the treatment, my skin was extremely red and swollen, as pictured below, so I made sure to stay home this day, and within a few hours, the redness and swelling had significantly reduced. 

    The following day I noticed coffee-like granules of dead skin appear on my face.

    The therapists had told me this would happen, so I was pleased to see the process taking effect. Over the following 2 days, these coffee granule-like pieces of skin very gently peeled off.

    On day 3 following the treatment, I used a cotton pad with a hydrating toner and gently buffed away the last few coffee granules. By day 4, my skin was feeling extremely smooth and fresh. Prior to this treatment, I struggled with extremely oily skin, particularly in my t-zone. This oiliness has since subsided, and my skin is left feeling hydrated without the usual oiliness.

    By day 5, the peeling had completely stopped.

    However, I was still experiencing very minor redness in my cheek areas. And exactly 1 week after the treatment, my skin felt brand new. The texture of my face was smooth, and any blackheads I previously had on my nose had disappeared. The most noticeable difference for me was how much tighter my skin felt, and more lifted it appeared. 

    Previously having masseter botox with Dr Adil at Skin Science Clinic was a life-changing procedure, alleviating my constant jaw tension and slimming down my lower face.

    However, it had left me wanting to tighten the skin around my lower face, particularly in the jowl area. The combined treatment of BBL Hero and Moxi had not only tightened the skin in my lower face, but my whole face. Fine lines I had previously noticed around my mouth and eye area had considerably diminished and these areas felt more lifted and refreshed.


    1-week post-treatment, any active acne I had prior to the treatment had completely disappeared.

    Post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation has always been a struggle of mine, with red marks on my cheeks following me from my teens into adulthood. Whist, these are still there, they are the best they have looked in years, and the dark red hyperpigmentation has faded into a lighter, less noticeable pink colour. With more sessions of BBL Hero and Moxi, I am confident these would continually improve.

    Overall, I couldn’t be happier with the results of the BBL Hero and Moxi treatments.

    I have never in my life had more compliments on my glowing skin.

    I now feel confident leaving the house with zero makeup on for the first time in my whole life. And with make-up, my skin has a natural glow!

    The warm and knowledgeable staff at Skin Science Clinic make the whole experience enjoyable from start to finish.

    I have never had a more life-changing skin treatment where the results are visible to not only me but other people. Thank you to the kind and knowledgeable staff at Skin Science Clinic for giving me that glow I have always dreamt of having and making me have confidence in my own skin.