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    Skin Science Clinic prides itself on a unique, professional approach to skincare. We work with patients in an open, honest way to provide treatments that work for them on both a physical and emotional level. We are now offering Laser hair removal through the most technologically advanced machine in the world, with painless hair removal,  the Soprano Titanium.

    Skin Science Clinic was originally founded by Dr. Adil Sarwar, who began the venture after working at the renowned Harley Street skin clinic. Whilst at Harley Street, Dr. Sarwar performed thousands of procedures for patients who trusted him with their treatments. His own particular specialism was in non-surgical cosmetic treatments, particularly with patients who required work on their face and scalp.

    At Skin Science Clinic, all work is still carried out on a one-to-one basis by Dr. Sarwar himself. We believe that this encourages a special relationship between practitioner and patient. Unlike some other clinics offering similar treatments, who might leave you with a cold, impersonal impression, Skin Science Clinic cares deeply about each and every one of its patients.

    Skin Science Clinic aims to provide services and treatments of the highest quality at prices that ordinary people can afford. The focus for the clinic is on a holistic approach that combines the best modern science with the latest research, for a result that all those who work here, and our patients, can be truly happy with. Our mission is to work with the natural beauty our patients already have – enhancing this in subtle but astounding ways, rather than trying to change people completely.

    We trust and encourage our patients to do their research before coming to us, so they can enter the clinic with a vision for what exactly they want to achieve. Through the enhancements we offer, we help our patients to achieve levels of self-confidence and happiness in their own appearance that they could never have dreamed of before.

    The skincare clinic offers a wide variety of skin, face and hair treatments. Even in the earlier days of his medical career, Dr. Sarwar was recognised as an outstanding talent for his work with Botox, and this is a reputation that still stands today.

    The botox treatments offered by Skin Science Clinic are intended to work with the upper portion of the face to reduce lines and wrinkles and completely rejuvenate the appearance of the overall face. The clinic works with a formulated technique known as ‘baby Botox‘, and provides unlimited top up appointments.

    Beyond Botox, when it comes to the face more generally Skin Science Clinic has a wide variety of other treatments available to patients. Equally popular is the five-point lift treatment, which uses PDO threads to create a result similar to a traditional facelift. This is an alternative for those clients who do not want to go under general aesthetic to achieve the more youthful look they’ve been wishing for.

    Dermal fillers and spot injections are also becoming more popular in recent years. These allow patients control over specific aspects of their face to subtly alter their contours and facial features for a more voluptuous, firm appearance.

    In terms of less permanent but equally important treatments, Skin Science Clinic also offer mesotherapy and facial peels. These sessions work in a way that is custom-designed to your skin, to moisturise, tighten and tone your face. Patients have come away reporting that their skin is far brighter and that they feel less need for makeup and expensive anti-ageing moisturisers.

    Skin Science Clinic also provides hair transplants and PRP, for those patients who have found themselves losing some of the thickness and abundance of hair on the scalp that they once had.

    Whatever your requirements, we will work with you to create a specialised treatment plan tailored to your specific needs.

    Here at Skin Science Clinic, we encourage you to get in touch whenever you want, even for just an informal chat. We’ll do our best to offer you information on any treatments you might be considering, and help you feel truly at ease. The consultations we offer allow you to discuss any of your particular insecurities, whether that be acne, hyperpigmentation, hyperhidrosis or baldness, and formulate a treatment plan that will transform your life. We really are a skin care clinic that cares about you and your skin and will work with you in a safe, professional way to meet your expectations.

    What have you got to lose? Contact Skin Science Clinic today for more information.


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