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    Skin Science Clinic HydraFacials: An oasis of calm in London

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    17th February 2022 – Review by a local client

    LIVING in a major city, leading busy lives, places great demands on our bodies, our immune  systems and outer membrane – our skin. Whilst, in modern times, we wear clothes over  most parts of our bodies, throughout human history our faces have been constantly and  heavily exposed to the elements. 

    Our faces matter because without a face it is very difficult to arrive at a concept of you and  me. So, from time to time we need to give our skin a break and what better way to look  after our face than to visit a qualified dermatologist? 

    Skin Science Clinic in the heart of central London provides the answer. 

    Skin Science Clinic was founded in February 2018 by Dr. Adil Sarwar (MBBS, BSc, MRCGP) who worked previously at the award winning, globally acclaimed Harley Street Clinic in  London. Dr. Sarwar treated thousands of patients before opening his own clinic to pursue  his vision of dermatological excellence. 

    Having heard only positive things about Skin Science Clinic, I decided to book an  appointment to experience the full benefits of a HydraFacial treatment for myself. 

    Arriving at 12 o’clock on Thursday 17th February, I receive an immediate and warm welcome  from Rachel Clarke, the Clinic Manager. As one steps from the din of a busy street, the first  thing you notice is a ubiquitous sense of calm, and a world of quietude. The reception area  is marked by stillness and relaxation which sets the tone for the remainder of my  experience. This is all down to the atmosphere and décor which has been thoughtfully  designed to strip all noise and distractions. 

    I have some time to relax before I meet my therapist, Freya so, Rachel offers me a drinks  menu. I opt for my old favourite, English Breakfast tea, which is beautifully presented, accompanied by a small biscuit. 

    Inside the treatment room Freya talks me through what to expect during today’s  HydraFacial. I then answer a basic medical questionnaire focussing on my skin and any  allergies I might have. Freya guides me through the steps and various options available. This  informal discussion is also designed to tailor the experience to me as an individual rather  than subjecting clients to a pre-set menu of treatments. The whole idea is to offer bespoke  treatments to clients which can be adjusted over time as circumstances require. 

    After my consultation, I take off my shoes – highly recommended! – and leave my  belongings on a chair. I was not concerned with security because the sense of comfort and  safety at Skin Science Clinic is far from imagined; it is very real.

    I lie down on the fabulously prepared treatment bed which has a choice of a blanket which suits me as am wearing a loose-fitting T-shirt. Having had facial treatment in the past, I can  recommend dressing lightly as you want to relax as much as possible and not make yourself  uncomfortable by wearing too much clothing. 

    Now onto my treatment! Freya makes sure I am at ease and ready to begin and talks me  through each step as we go. I ask a few questions here and there but my therapist proceeds  with such assuredness that I have complete confidence in her. 

    My appointment today included the HydraFacial Deluxe: 

    Step 1 – Initial cleanse – removes makeup, impurities 

    Step 2 – Lymphatic drainage – removes toxins, improves blood circulation Step 3 – Deep cleanse & exfoliation – removes dead skin cells 

    Step 4 – Acid peel – prepare the skin for extraction 

    Step 5 – Extraction – removes dirt and excessive oils 

    Step 6 – Hydration – the skin is infused with antioxidants for added protection Step 7 – Lip perk – optional and available for anyone though I did not try it today Step 8 – LED light therapy – red and blue LED light, red light stimulates oestrogen and collagen production and blue light helps control oil production and has anti-bacterial benefits

    Step 9 – Moisturise – a final, light moisturisation to set me on my next journey 

    My treatment leaves me feeling revitalised, rejuvenated and my face feels fresher than  before.

    The skin on your face has not just been ‘worked on’ but it has been given a full spa  treatment. This is more than mere beautification and it is in fact a form of holistic medicine. Therapy is also relaxed, unhurried and Freya is communicative at all times. 

    If you are new to such treatment, please give it a try as the results are truly worth it. You  will feel replenished and recharged and you can see the benefits for yourself in the hours  following. It leaves you looking and feeling radiant. You just have to look in the mirror! 

    Looking after our bodies, our faces, our inner and outer wellbeing should be a regular item  on one’s calendar. I look forward to my next appointment at Skin Science Clinic, a true oasis  of tranquillity in central London with the friendliest staff. 

    Until next time. 

    Acknowledgements: HydraFacial by Freya, a wonderful warm personality and world-class  professional. Highly recommended for anyone and with much gratitude to Freya, Rachel and  Dr. Sarwar. Photos by myself and Freya.