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    Treatment for thin lips

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    Lip Filler Treatment in London With Dr Adil Sarwar at Skin Science Clinic London

    For some, a thinner lip shape is part of their natural features. There’s a great deal of variability in lip size and shape. However, lip thinning can affect everyone as a result of ageing, genetics or even sun damage, resulting in a less plump and attractive look that can quickly age the face.

    So, what are the causes and effects of thin lips? And what treatments can be used to improve the aesthetics and appearance of thinning and wrinkles around the mouth? Read on to find out more about the main problems related to thin lips, and the most effective ways to treat them.

    Lack of moisturisation and sun exposure

    Over time, exposure to the sun and other causes of dehydration can quickly lead to thinning in lips. This is especially true when combined with other unhealthy habits such as smoking, which combined with UV rays can soon lead to a thinner appearance and damage that results in deeper lines and wrinkles.

    The best way to ensure your lips aren’t affected by your lifestyle is by providing that moisturisation preventatively. These treatments for thin lips often focus on using a rich moisturiser to plump the skin and maintain a healthy, firm finish. Choosing a cream with anti-wrinkle ingredients is also ideal, providing added benefit to the skin.

    However, these treatments for thin lips are preventative in nature. For skin already losing its elasticity, choosing an effective cosmetic procedure might be the perfect solution. Lip fillers and hyaluronic acid can both offer a temporary, repeatable possibility to bring your pout back to full force.

    Lip fillers

    In this treatment, a type of dermal filler injected into the lip. Using lip fillers with hyaluronic acid for thin lips can immediately provide a firmer finish and plumper appearance. In the case of the lips, the filler is generally quite liquid. This allows for a uniform appearance and to offer a more natural look overall.

    Your surgeon will be able to tailor your fillers to suit your desired look. Allowing you to build up filler over time to maintain a more natural appearance that suits your face and proportions. Combined with SPF lip balm and good skincare, lip fillers can be the ideal long-term solution to thin lips.

    Topical hyaluronic acid

    An immediately effective and easy to achieve a plumper appearance, hyaluronic acid gives a quick boost to the size of lips when used topically. Also known as lip plumpers, these very temporary forms of lip augmentation are as effective as they are easy to apply. This plush effect is the perfect choice for those unsure if they’re reading to commit to lip fillers or those who want to see what fuller lips would look like.

    Lip plumping hyaluronic acid treatments work by adding a significant injection of moisture into the lips quickly, leading to a plumped appearance with no needles involved. These lip plumpers are available globally in a variety of lip colours from many different brands.

    Reduced lip definition

    For many patients, the need to fix thin lips originates from seeing less definition around the mouth. Lines around the mouth, in particular, can quickly lead to less firmness in the cheeks and around the chin. Sagging and wrinkles are common side effects of ageing, but the lack of definition is easier to fix than you may think.

    Combined with thinner lips that are less plump in appearance, it’s easy for the profile to become two-dimensional and less defined overall. Resulting in an ageing effect across the whole face. Choosing to address this problem can quickly restore a more youthful appearance and tighter aesthetic overall.

    While reduced lip definition and thinning are natural signs of ageing, there’s no need to sit back and let nature take its course. There are plenty of options and treatments for thinning lips available to provide an increased definition and a neater profile.

    Line fillers

    For the mouth to be framed proportionally, patients should also consider the area surrounding the mouth. Namely, the ‘marionette lines’ that can quickly lead to a downturned and thinned appearance over time. These lines either side of the mouth can easily dominate the area, making lips appear smaller.

    With strategic filler injections, the area around the mouth can be sufficiently plumped and made smoother – leading to lips that look less ‘lost’ in the face. This sign of ageing can be reversed with the smart application of smoothing fillers, though for permanent results some patients consider a facelift the ideal option.

    Lip line fillers

    To increase definition and create a sharper profile, it’s essential to think beyond the visual appearance on the lips from face-on. Lips that have better shape and more consistent sizing overall provide the best silhouette. They can add a natural curve to the face and providing an elegant and organic-looking effect.

    No two patients will experience lip thinning in precisely the same way. Impact on the upper or lower lip will vary over time depending on genetics and the cause of thinning. Lip line dermal thinners can be used to provide plumping to highly specific areas, from the corners of the mouth to the cupid’s bow.

    Which treatment is the best choice for me?

    If investing in treatment for thin lips is something you’re considering, then Skin Science Clinic might be the perfect option for you. Our professional training, effective treatments and friendly staff will make you feel right at home; as we work to give you that boost to your confidence with our in-house services and aesthetic treatments. Contact the Skin Science Clinic now, or make a booking online today. We’re the specialists when it comes to creating an appearance you’ll love.

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