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    Treatments for a Weak Chin

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    Nefertiti at Skin Science Clinic London

    Treatments for weak chin are becoming more and more popular. For both men and women, a strong and defined jawline is a highly desired feature. Offering better framing of the face, a more striking look and a thinner profile overall, there are many reasons why a tight and aesthetically pleasing appearance is preferred over a weaker jawline.

    For men, an impressively angular, sharply bordered and recognisable surface is the goal; offering clear definition to the chin, jaw and everything in-between. For women whose jaw is a problem area, the desired effect is a soft but still defined end look, that provides more separation between the chin and the neck. Elegant, simple and instantly effective in just about any outfit.

    Whether it’s due to lifestyle, genetics or even your weight, there are many reasons why you may struggle to reach the appearance you desire. Jowls are a common sign of ageing in those over 30 and combined with many other attributes, such as the characteristics of the skin and your lifestyle, your jaw could soon be looking far weaker than it has before.

    Often defined as the ‘lower third’ of the face, maintaining beauty in the space below the nose through to the chin is just as valuable as reducing lines in the forehead, or improving the nose or eyes with various treatments.

    So, what are the problems that can cause a weak jawline, and what are the solutions that tell you how to fix a weak chin? Read on to find out more about the causes of these issues, and some of the solutions available to improve your jawline and leave you feeling youthful in no time.

    Creating Proportion

    Often, those with a strong jawline can become fixated on the chin itself, without examining the surrounding features that contribute to the face as a whole. But to create proportion, both the jawline and its surrounding areas must be considered to achieve the best possible balance.

    A proportionate chin is one that looks correct from all angles; without prominent recession or jutting from the side, known as retrognathia, and without appearing too large or small, known as micrognathia, when viewed in context with the whole face. Alongside the appearance from the front, taking a look at the profile is an essential step in creating that balance.

    An example of this is with an individual that may have a weaker chin that is recessed, leading to the nose looking larger. An easy way to examine this is to take a closer look at the chin and upper lip, and the degree to which each protrudes. An equal distance is the ideal aesthetic choice.

    For the creation of proportion in the face, fillers, chin implants, or even fat transfer may be the ideal choice. These offer the opportunity to temporarily re-balance the face to see how it appears in proportion. Because of their short downtime, they’re also highly convenient for patients with little time to spare.

    Chin Fillers

    The ideal choice for patients that want to get a feel for how their face may look, without the long-term commitment, fillers provide an accurate representation of augmentation without the surgical procedure. For those unsure of the results, or those who just don’t like the idea of surgery, this weak chin treatment alternative is quick, easy and effective.

    For chin fillers, projection is required; which is why the filler used for this procedure is specifically designed to be thicker and last longer than traditional thinner filler options. This allows for further time between each filler appointment and will enable patients to really get a feel for how their face could look with more permanent options.

    Jawline fillers can also be used to add definition to the angle of the jawline alongside fillers to the chin, leading to an overall sharper finish with a slim effect, that takes little time to achieve with excellent-quality results.

    Chin Augmentation

    For those willing to undergo surgery, a chin implant is a viable solution to a proportion problem. In this case, the surgeon places silicone implants in a specific ‘pocket’ along the jawline, which is inserted either through the inside of the mouth or from below the chin.

    Asymmetry may be a slight issue with these kinds of procedures, as well as the potential for nerve damage. As there are very few individuals with symmetrical faces, a small amount of difference on either side may be natural, and cannot be altered by simply replacing the existing implant.

    Again, jaw angle implants can also be included as part of this process, offering a more defined finish beyond simply adding more proportion to the chin.

    Fat Transfer

    An alternative to augmentation and fillers, fat transfer follows the same process as the above but uses fat instead of alternative medical-grade materials to sculpt a more proportionate shape on the jawline. However, there are some downsides to this option; as fat doesn’t have the same hardness or texture of bone, resulting in an overall softer finish.

    A Sharper Profile

    For many patients, the need to know how to fix a weak jawline stems from the lack of definition they have between their lower cheek and neck. This physical effect is also known as jowls, resulting in individuals with previously stronger jawlines losing that definition over time as they age. What was once a sharp profile starts becoming softer and more ambiguous.

    Jowls are an effect of gravity on the skin; with the fat pads, we naturally have within the face slowly losing their elasticity over time as a result of either ageing or losing a large amount of weight. For those struggling to come to terms with their new face, a facelift is often the first-recommended, and most permanent, option.

    But beyond going under the knife, there is a range of options available to reduce the appearance of sagging skin and to help restore that sharper jawline.

    Jowl Fillers

    In the case of jowls, fillers can be used for their plumping effect, to smooth the area further and reduce the appearance of ageing. Unlike with chin fillers, jowl fillers have a higher level of fluidity, allowing them to create that overall smoothing effect rather than adding definition to a highly specific area.

    The filler is injected into a small indent found in the front of each jowl, known as the pre-jowl sulcus. This location allows for the best possible effect, as an injection into the area above this indent has little to no effect due to its height.

    Thread Lifts

    Thread lifts are a variation on a traditional facelift, that is less-invasive than more conventional options. As the name suggests, the tighter effect is created by pulling back the skin using threads beneath the surface, suspending the jowls higher using just a needle the achieve the desired result.

    In some cases, primarily when carried out across the whole face, this can result in some difficulty in displaying emotion on the face, as well as some temporary scar tissue and the possibility of small puckers or dimples shortly after the procedure. However, these are usually temporary.

    Adding Upturn

    A downturned or ‘frowning’ mouth is another common side of ageing, and this effect can easily increase the appearance of a weaker jawline over time. Combined with more present jowling and a less defined jawline, adding an ‘upturn’ to this area can help to tighten the features in the lower 1/3 of the face, giving an overall more youthful appearance.

    These ‘marionette lines’, the lines on either side of the mouth, develop as a result of the lowering of the face as a whole, resulting in less support and creating the frowning effect. They are a sign of ageing as a whole, and this lowering of the sides of the mouth can be directly linked to a weaker jawline as a whole.

    There are a few ways in which oral commissures can be corrected, to give a tighter overall impression and a smoother, ideal jawline.

    Filler Around the Mouth

    The easiest, and most practical, way to create a smoother appearance in the lower face is to introduce fillers. The fillers around the mouth can be used in addition to those along the jawline and the chin, to produce an all-around smoothing effect.

    In this case, the introduction of filler provides much-needed support to the overall structure of the face, leading the mouth to be more upturned and improving the overall effect of the lower face area. These fillers are intended to be thin, as they do not add bulk or definition.

    Lip fillers can also further enhance a youthful aesthetic, providing a small amount of restorative volume to lips that have thinned during the ageing process. Injecting directly into the borders of the mouth offers a more natural finish that simply restores the lips to the appearance they had prior to ageing.


    While most patients will need filler in combination with a facelift or even Botox, choosing this surgical procedure will provide lasting effects to improve the sharpness and definition of the jawline as a whole. This option involves the face being ‘pulled’ back to an original position less affected by age, resulting in an overall more youthful finish.

    In combination with filler for support and additional definition, this surgical option is a viable choice for many individuals looking for a definite improvement to the lower third of their face. A medical professional will be able to advise if it’s the right fit for your needs and determine if a facelift is a right fit to improve the visibility and quality of your jawline.

    Which treatment is the best choice for me?

    If you’re considering investing in treatment to resolve problems with your weak chin, then working with Skin Science Clinic might be the ideal choice for you. We’re professionally trained to offer our customers the best possible care for their faces and bodies, providing them with much-needed confidence and the visual appearance they desire.

    We offer a range of different effective treatments for restoring an ageing jawline or creating more definition from a weak chin. You don’t have to struggle with your appearance, when we have all the solutions to provide you with a beautiful finish you’ll love based on your specific needs and requirements.

    Contact us at Skin Science Clinic today, or make a booking online now to discover what we could do to create the perfect jawline for you. Say goodbye to that weak chin, and hello to a more attractive future. We’re specialists when it comes to making our patients feel good, and look even better.

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