Regain a youthful, contoured curve to your cheeks



  • "Our clinic will only use premium dermal fillers for cheek augmentation - the Juvederm Vycross Range. Over my years of practice I have used many different products and Juvederm provides the smoothest and most beautiful results."


  • Regain a youthful curve to the cheeks making them higher and firmer through filler injections.


  • For patients who have lost volume in the cheek area through the natural aging process.
  • For the younger patient seeking more of a contoured look in the cheekbone area.


  • Your cheeks will look naturally restored, and you will experience a secondary improvement in the eye area alongside a reduction in the severity of your nose to mouth lines.
  • Trend at the moment in younger patients is to create a beautiful cheek contour. Although this can be achieved with make up, dermal filler injections produce spectacular, more natural results.


  • Your face may have lost volume in the cheek area through the natural ageing process, which can lead to hollowness contributing towards lower face sagging.
  • Over the age of 25, we lose our natural concentration of hyaluronic acid.
  • Even small volumes of cheek dermal filler injections will leave you feeling fresher, younger, with virtually no downtime.
  • Dr Adil has performed a countless number of cheek augmentations with remarkable results, ages ranging from 21- 80.
  • We only use the ultra premium Juvederm Vycross products.
  • We use premium award winning ultra-thin Japanese needles, resulting in a smoother, less painful and safer experience.


  • Your consultation will begin with a friendly consultation with Dr Adil, detailing your past medical and cosmetic history.
  • Dr Adil will take photographs/video and talk through your facial anatomy.
  • With the use of a medical pencil, we will draw out cheek volume loss and demonstrate points of contouring .
  • The procedure itself is not painful, injections will take roughly 40 minutes.


  • From £395

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Frequently Asked Questions Regarding Cheek Fillers
  • Who benefits from cheek fillers?
  • Which product is injected into the cheeks and how?
  • How many syringes would be required?
  • Are there risks associated with cheek fillers?
Who benefits from cheek fillers?

Cheek augmentation is one of the most popular procedures performed at the clinic. It is most commonly performed in patients complaining of loss of cheek volume, resulting/feeling “saggy”. This volume loss can have further effects of premature formation of jowls and loss of jawline definition. Restoring the cheek area with Juvederm Voluma often results in an improvement in ones nasolabial folds (nose-mouth lines), and eye area (under-eyes). The results will be subtle, but noticeable. The other cohort of patients may not be suffering from cheek volume loss, but instead seeking a more contoured define lateral cheekbone. We can also softley reshape faces to be less square/heavy if required.

Which product is injected into the cheeks and how?

We only inject Juvederm Voluma into the cheek, through both cannula (plastic tube) and sharp needle. Juvederm Voluma has long been considered the gold standard when augmenting cheeks, in both longevity (18-24 months) and texture. Over the 18 months, the hyaluronic acid gel slowly degrades. From our experience, other cheek filler brands do not exhibit the same longevity or texture as Voluma. The procedure itself is not painful, however topical anasthesia can be applied beforehand. Dr Sarwar performs all cheek augmentations at Skin Science Clinic.

How many syringes would be required?

This is dependant upon your own natural anatomy, but we have acheived excellent results injecting as little as half a syringe of Juverderm Voluma each side, with some patients require up to four syringes. On average our patients undergo a cheek augmentation through two-three syringes. Irregardless of how the number of syringes injected there should be no palpable lumps or bumps.

Are there risks associated with cheek fillers?

There are some risks associated with dermal fillers, and these will be discussed with you in detail during your consultation. On the whole cheek fillers are very safe, and none of our patients have had any serious complications during or post-procedure.



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