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    What are the benefits of ZO skincare and which are the best products?

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    ZO Skincare was founded by world-renowned dermatologist Dr Zein Obagi in 2007.

    Dr Sarwar, who has been a doctor for over ten years, feels that ZO skincare is the very best of medical skincare. Having sold a number of the traditional Obagi skincare products, he feels that the ZO range is a wonderful evolution of the traditional range, and is now the number one medical-grade skincare in Europe.

    At Skin Science Clinic, we feel skin should be soft, firm, even in colour whilst being naturally hydrated from “within”. ZO skincare is based upon hydrators rather than moisturisers to minimise skin tolerance, whilst promoting intrinsic skin hydration. This can be achieved through skincare containing active ingredients, whilst stronger medical agents can be added to a regimen for the treatment of problematic skin. ZO skincare relies upon unique delivery systems, oleosomes ensure the stabilisation of ingredients whilst allowing a high percentage of active ingredients without the typical side effects.

    Dr Sarwar is fully qualified and able to prescribe the ZO skincare range and helps his patients/clients through their skincare journey. Further to this, he continually experiments and trials other skincare brands such as “ The Ordinary” to ensure he is up to date with the newest skincare trends. Below, Dr Sarwar discusses his favourite ZO products, all of which he incorporates into his own daily skincare regimen.

    There are three key components to achieving great skin through the ZO regimen:

    Step 1: Getting the Skin Ready

    This involves a thorough cleansing, exfoliation and toning of your skin.

    Step 2: Prevent + Correct

    Applying ingredients which can help with your skin concern, this can include anti-aging, brightening, acne and redness.

    Step 3: Protect

    Application of an effective sun protection cream.


    The two main cleansers within the range are the hydrating/exfoliating cleansers. Dr Sarwar himself loves the hydrating cleanser which is also the most popular at our clinic. It’s unique texture allows for excellent removal of makeup, with our patients often describing it as one of the best make up removers they have ever used whilst wonderfully cleansing the skin. The exfoliating cleanser on the other hand is much more suitable for those with oily skin or are acne prone. Key ingredients also re-hydrate the skin whilst washing away impurities.


    There are two main exfoliators, the exfoliating polish and the dual-action scrub. The exfoliating polish contains magnesium crystals, which is a great exfoliator which is non-irritating to the skin. Dr Sarwar normally keeps the product in the shower, and whilst his skin is damp gently rubs the crystals across his face (avoiding the under-eye are) before rinsing off. Your skin may be somewhat red, and although mechanical exfoliation has been frowned upon in the media recently, Dr Sarwar feels mechanical exfoliation often produces better results than chemical.

    The dual action scrub is the exfoliator which is recommended for those suffering from acne, as it contains a blend of lactic and salicylic acids. Dr Sarwar recommends exfoliating twice a week for patients of all skin types. It is important not to over mechanically exfoliate the skin.


    Toning is a key component of a skincare routine. This is provided through the ZO range in the form of different toning pads, the complexion renewal pads work best for normal skin, whereas the oil control pads are better for those suffering from oil congestion or post inflammatory hyperpigmentation. The complexion renewal pad contains glycolic acid, a great chemical exfoliant. The oil control pads are a little stronger, containing additional salicylic acid, concentration of 2% which can help with acne as well as mandelic acid which is great for those with pigmentation issues.


    Daily Power Defence is probably the trophy product of the entire ZO range, the most popular skincare product of the entire line. It contains a micro-encapsulated retinol, vitamin E /A, whilst supporting the skins natural DNA repair process. The serum boosts collagen whilst stimulating hyaluronic acid.

    Growth Factor Serum is the second most potent product of the entire range. It is a fantastic anti-aging treatment for all skin types. Growth factors strengthen the cells cellular matrix, stimulating collagen and elastin. A scientific study concluded that skin elasticity was improved by a dramatic 35% after daily use of this product. Key ingredients relax muscles which help to smooth deep wrinkles.

    Enzymatic Peel

    An incredible glycolic acid based skin re-surfacing agent, which Dr Sarwar uses as a “at home” peel. Great to apply twice a week to give a fantastic glow for the evening!

    Brightening Agents

    Which product would work best as a non-hydroquinone brightening agent?

    Brightalive skin booster is a great non-hydroquinone, non-retinol skin brightener. This is great for those looking to prevent the formation of pigment, or those looking to completely avoid any bioactive agents in their skincare.

    Retinol skin brighteners are non-hydroquinone based creams for pigmented skin. The retinol help to break up pigmentation and brightens skin tone by inhibiting new melanin. Ingredients include a high performance-based retinol, with vitamins A,C and E. For guidance on which products would work best for your pigmentation please do not hesitate to contact us for advice.

    Dr Sarwar applies two ZO eye creams, which he genuinely believes are the best eye products on the market at the moment. One which he has been applying for many years is the ZO eye brightening cream. Key ingredients here are retinol, which help to stimulate collagen and kojic acid which acts as a skin brightener. The new addition is the ZO growth factor eye serum. This contains a unique cooling tip, through which the growth factor serum is released through, which can then be massaged into the lower orbital area. ZO growth factors minimise fine lines whilst sodium hyaluronate is a fantastic hydrator plumping put any fine lines.

    I hope you found the above helpful/of interest.If you are interested in any of the above products, please email or call us to place an order. I, Dr Sarwar, will personally help any patients construct a great, effective skincare regimen