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    What is Laser Hair Removal and is it Painful?

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    At Skin Science Clinic we are proud to offer the very best laser hair removal technology, at an extremely competitive price.

    Not all laser hair removal platforms are the same, differing in both efficacy and comfort.

    In this short blog, we will discuss the basics of laser hair removal, common questions and why Skin Science Clinic is one of the very best places in London to undergo this procedure. 

    History of Hair Removal 

    Hair removal tools can be traced as far back as the Egyptian/Roman eras.

    Over the past few decades, laser hair removal has become a more widespread need for all genders.

    Common/traditional methods of hair removal include waxing, shaving and sugaring. These techniques are excellent at removing hair, but results are often short-lived. 

    Laser hair removal is a medical procedure that uses a concentrated beam of light to remove unwanted hair. It was found in the 1970s that laser is an excellent treatment method for destroying hair follicles, but these older laser platforms, utilising alexandrite and YAG laser technology, exhibited some limitations.

    The key to damaging a hair follicle to prevent re-growth is by applying the correct intensity of light at the correct duration. Patients would often find this intensity painful or were unsuitable candidates due to skin colour.

    Traditionally, laser hair removal worked better for patients with pale skin tones and dark hair.

    Why Choose the Soprano Titanium

    This FDA approved machine provides incredible results through a virtually pain-free process, offering the safest and most efficient hair removal treatment available today. 

    The Soprano titanium combines and emits these three different laser wavelengths simultaneously within one handpiece, (755nm, 810nm and 1064nm), resulting in a treatment which is suitable for literally every skin type. The laser transforms into thermal energy which in turn terminates hair growth by destroying surrounding stem cells.

    At Skin Science Clinic, through this incredible laser, we provide spectacular results through a virtually pain-free procedure in patients of all skin types, hair types and hair densities.

    The machine exhibits signature patented technology, delivering a combination of low fluency + high-frequency laser beams, with the skin being heated far more gradually which is safer for the skin. 

    Which Body Areas Can be Treated by Laser Hair Removal?

    At Skin Science Clinic we treat all areas of the body. This includes large areas of the body such as legs, arms and back, as well as more sensitive areas.

    We provide a comfortable environment, where our therapists ensure our patients feel comfortable with no embarrassment etc. We are a medical clinic and perform our treatments to medical standards. We maintain our patient’s dignity during treatment and cover areas as required.

    Common treatment locations include legs, arms, back, armpits, upper lip, chin and the bikini line (bikini area). However, it’s possible to treat unwanted hair in nearly any area, except the eyelids.

    Pre Procedure Preparation 

    We ask our patients to blade shave the area pre-treatment, preferably one day before attending the clinic.

    The Procedure

    The procedure begins with a detailed consultation/hair analysis with our therapist.

    A gel is then applied to the area to be treated, followed by the application of a cooling tip which reduces the temperature of the patient’s skin which results in a pain-free procedure.

    The hand-piece is then applied across the area to be treated. Our laser hair removal platform, the Soprano Titanium, is one of the speediest devices in the world. For example, legs can be completed in seven minutes and the underarm hair in just two minutes. Post-procedure the gel is easily wiped away and patients continue their day with no discomfort whatsoever.

    How Many Sessions Are Required? 

    8 treatments are recommended to achieve fantastic, permanent results. Body hair laser hair removal treatments are performed every 6 weeks, facial treatments should be performed every four weeks. Our therapist continually monitors our patient’s results, to ensure complete satisfaction. If there are any concerns, patients are most welcome to pop in at any time to see our therapist or medical director for advice/guidance.

    Is Laser Hair Removal Painful? Is it painful?

    We promise you, the Soprano Titanium is virtually pain-free. Dr Sarwar has had personal experience with various laser hair removal machines and introduced the Titanium to the clinic as it is the least painful with the most impressive results. Most patients describe a gentle warming sensation in the area being treated with some feeling very mild pins and needles sensation. Other laser systems have differing levels of pain associated with them – often far more painful.

    How can I book in? v

    Contact us through email or telephone. We love for patients to come into the clinic, meet our therapist, have a tour of our clinic and have a complimentary “patch test”. Laser hair removal is available for men and women.

    We want our patients to see for themselves how immaculately clean our clinic is, and for patients to feel comfortable with our staff.

    The patch test ensures that the patient’s skin can tolerate the laser with no side effects or reaction. Side effects of the Soprano Titanium laser are extremely rare. At this stage, our therapist will explain our transparent pricing structure.