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What makes Profilho Special?

I was first introduced to Profilho 5 years ago whilst I was working for a clinic on Harley
et. We were one of the first clinics to be introduced to Profilho, and the technology
seemed groundbreaking and we were excited by its promises. At the time I decided not to
offer the treatment, as it was new to the market – I opted to wait a few years to determine its
safety and efficacy. It is my duty as a doctor to only offer treatments to patients which have
cleared safety tests, and I would wait to hear from global feedback on the treatment.. Would
it provide good value for money for my patients, would it provide fantastic results and be

Over the past 5 years, I have only heard positive things about the treatment and started
treating patients with Profilho two years ago. I have found the results to be absolutely
amazing, with an incredibly high satisfaction rate amongst my patients. Only one of my
patients have been disappointed with the results, which taking into account the number of
procedures I have performed is quite spectacular.

What is Profilho?

Manufactured in Italy, Profilho arrives as a 2ml syringe of potent hyaluronic acid, a mixture of
high and low molecular weight H.A. Within the 2ml syringe, is one of the highest
concentrations of hyaluronic acid on the market. When injected at the five globally accepted
points, the hyaluronic acid spreads from each site, providing wonderful hydration and
improvement in skin texture.

The product also contains NAHYCO technology, which is unique to Profilho – it acts as a
bioremodelling agent. For you as a patient, it helps to remodel any skin laxity you may be
suffering from by stimulating collagen and elastin.

What were we using before Profilho?

Before Profilho, we were predominantly using Juvderrm Volite – which is also an incredible
product for targeted skin issues. What I mean by this, is crepy or poor skin texture in a
specific area of the face. Injecting Volite across the entire facial area would provide a great
result, but with widespread, significant bruising. Profilho allows us to achieve a full face
approach with minimal downtime. We continue to use Volite where necessary.

Who is Profilho suitable for?

Profilho treatment is suitable for patients suffering from poor skin texture, tone and mild sagging of the
lower face. It is hard to put a certain age from when the treatment could be recommended,
as we all have different genetics/environmental factors.

Some patients use this treatment as “icing” on the cake so to speak, once they are happy
with their volumetric augmentations (cheek/chin) for example, they then seek to improve
skin. Other patients, may be disinterested in traditional fillers, and Profilho is their go to
product of choice as it is a non volumising injectable.
How much does it cost?

Profilho requires two sessions, the second one four weeks post the initial procedure. The
total price is £720, and I personally will perform your procedure. We do not allow any of our
therapists to perform injectable treatments as the key to a good result is doctor level
anatomical knowledge and correct depth of injection. Results last six to nine months post

What do the scientific studies show?

Profilho have scientific studies published through evidence of 40,000 treatments. Out of this
number, there were only four mild side effects. This is a reassuring statistic from a patient’s
perspective. We at the clinic have never had an adverse event post procedure.
A different study examined the efficacy of the treatment itself. This was performed on eleven
women, each receiving the standard two month treatment protocol. Subjectively and
objectively, facial hydration, elasticity significantly improved.

When you attend for consultation, I would be happy to go through the studies with you in
more detail. We look forward to welcoming you to the clinic, where we can examine your
skin closely and formulate a detailed plan for your skin!

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