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    Why Choose Hydrafacial Treatment


    At Skin Science Clinic, our most popular facial treatment is the medical-grade facial – Hydrafacial. There is a statistic that somewhere in the world a hydrafacial is performed every 15 seconds. In this short article, we will explain why it is such a fantastic treatment, and if you live in or around London why you should consider Skin Science Clinic for your hydrafacial.

    Hydrafacial Is Medical Grade

    The majority of facials performed by therapists are performed manually, through the manual application of chemical peels and skincare products, through steam extractions/oxygen therapy or LED therapy.

    These treatments produce good results, however, the Hydrafacial is exceptional as you will benefit from all of these techniques in one comprehensive treatment. Delivery of these treatments has been classified as “medical grade”, a facial which really delivers desired changes to your skin.

    These changes are visible not only macroscopically, but have been identified microscopically and validated through various scientific studies. Regular Hydrafacials really do transform the human skin!

    The core hydrafacial steps are:

    1&2: Cleanse + Peel – Exfoliation and Resurfacing

    2&3: Extract + Hydrate – Powerful suction and moisturisation through premium grade products.

    4&6: Fuse + Protect – Application of antioxidants, LED light therapy.

    Hydrafacial Machinery

    Hydrafacial is delivered through sophisticated, American machinery.

    Active serums are driven through machinery and a technologically advanced vortex tip that penetrates the human skin at a very superficial level. By penetrating the skin, we can deliver bioactive skincare into the epidermis of the skin

    The depth of this penetration can be progressively increased over the course of hydrafacial treatments (the majority of patients have a hydrafacial once a month). Our patients begin treatment sessions with a blue tip, progressing onto an orange and eventually a purple tip. Further to this, the chemical peel stage of the hydrafacial can be tailored to your skin needs.

    We normally start patients at 7.5%, increasing concentration based upon your skin needs up to 30% (great for acne and hyperpigmentation).

    Light Blue Tip: Exfoliation

    Orange Tip: Aggressive exfoliation

    Purple Tip: Enhanced, aggressive exfoliation – Great for thicker, oily, congested skin

    Hydrafacial Boosters

    A fantastic way to further personalise your treatment is through the addition of Hydrafacial skin boosters. These are special formulas, designed for particular skin needs. These boosters are delivered into your skin through the vortex tip! Our favourite boosters are:

    1. Paul Nassif Hydraglucan – A hydrating treatment formulated by the famous plastic surgeon, this serum includes hyaluronic acid, betaine and glucan. This will lead to your skin feeling plumper, looking plumper whilst restoring radiance. A fantastic option if you feel your skin is dehydrated.Instant Results!
    2. ZO Brightalive – A serum devised by Dr Zein Obagi. Formulated to minimise hyperpigmentation/minimise brown spots. Also contains glycerin which is a fantastic hydrating agent.
    3. Hydrafacial Britenol – Brightens skin through Vitamin C and alpha-arbutin (Brightening agent). Great for those with mild pigmentation.
    4. Hydrafacial Dermabuilder – A great anti-ageing serum, minimising fine lines and wrinkles through some powerful peptide ingredients. Ingredients improve collagen production.
    5. Regen GF – A growth factor treatment – skin-perfecting protein solution. Ingredients have been designed to stimulate collagen and elastin to help with skin firmness.

    Lip/Eye Perk Treatments

    Lip Perk:

    Not a lip gloss! A serum rapidly absorbed by lip mucosa
    Aim: Exfoliation & Hydration of lips – Soften, hydrate and stimulate your lip mucosa.

    Eye Perk:

    Helps with puffiness, dark circles and fine lines includes a take-home product. Key ingredients include:

    • Horse Chestnut Seed – Potent antioxidant, improves skin elasticity
    • Arnica Flower – Soothes, hydrates
    • Lactic Acid – Brightens the eye are
    • Ginseng Root Extract – Increases levels of collagen thereby minimising fine line


    Personalisation of your hydrafacial treatment will be through Dr Sarwar, where together agree upon a treatment plan. Variations to make the treatment personal to you will include:

    1. Different depths of the vortex tip.
    2. Varying concentrations of the chemical peel.
    3. Application of boosters that are most appropriate for your skin.
    4. Lip/Eye perk treatments



    We encourage patients to see Dr Sarwar for an initial consultation, to discuss hydrafacial options and to devise a personalised treatment plan.

    Once treatment has started with our therapist, we encourage you to have a regular review with Dr Sarwar to discuss results and to modify the treatment to suit your skin concerns/progression.

    For more information, please watch our detailed video on youtube, email us or pop in for a consultation! We look forward to welcoming you and helping you along your skin journey!