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    5 Refreshing Benefits of IV Drips

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    IV Drips are now available at Skin Science Clinic in London

    Patients often ask what the benefits are of an IV Vitamin Drip, and the truth is it really depends upon one’s own requirements/ nutritional needs. Our most popular IV drips are our skin lightening drips, fat burner drips and athlete support. However, here are 5 general points about vitamin drips which we hope you find helpful:

    1) Vitamin drips vs vitamin tablets

    IV drips are far more effective than taking oral vitamins. The oral vitamin industry is huge, but there are conflicting findings regarding the efficacy of these vitamins. Research shows that generally, 90% of people are nutrient deficient, 50% of which are already taking oral vitamin supplementation. It has been found that when taken through tablet form, only 15% of active nutrients actually end up in the bloodstream. With our vitamin drips, these nutrients bypass the gastrointestinal tract with delivery directly into the bloodstream, allowing our cells to take immediate advantage. Because the nutrients are being directed straight into the cells, they are being utilised more effectively by the body. The result is a range of important benefits, from increasing the energy of the individual to strengthening their immune system and even enabling weight loss. It should be noted that for those aiming for weight loss, an IV vitamin drip should be combined with adequate exercise and a health plan in order for it to be an effective dieting tool.

    2) Gym/ jet-lag

    The vitamins/ minerals in our drips are classed as “essential nutrients”, many of which the body can struggle to synthesise on its own or our diet does not provide. This is thought to be the result of excessive genetically modified nutrition/ food on today’s market. Vitamin drips can provide these key amino acids and nutrients – often rectifying excessive fatigue. Gym-goers can really benefit from IV vitamin drips by providing fast hydration, reducing recovery time by flushing out excessive toxins produced by muscle activity. This is a method which has been proven from ‘the top down’, with professional athletes taking the lead. Athletes have reported being able to overcome the onset of illness and compete in events thanks to the IV vitamin drip procedure. The IV drips have also proved popular with successful business people who want to maximise the benefit of the time which they spend working out. Frequent flyers also benefit immensely from vitamin drips, helping to resolve “jet lag”, as flying results in dehydration and electrolyte imbalance. Treatments generally take 1 hour, and you’ll start feeling relief from your symptoms within 2 hours. All of our drips are administered by a fully qualified medical doctor.

    3) General well-being

    In the 1960s, a physician from Baltimore in the USA, Dr. John Myers, used intravenous vitamins and minerals to treat various medical conditions such as acute asthma attacks, migraines, fatigue (including chronic fatigue syndrome), fibromyalgia, acute muscle spasm, upper respiratory tract infections, chronic sinusitis, seasonal allergic rhinitis, cardiovascular disease, depression and other disorders. He also treated healthy patients for non-clinical indications with his IV ‘cocktails’. Intravenous micronutrient supplementation for non-medicinal indications such as rehydration, immune boosting, re-energizing, de-stressing and many more, has become very popular worldwide except for in Europe. IVNT was introduced to the UK during 2014/2015. While IV vitamin drips alone may not be able to engender a significant change in wellbeing, combined with a healthy lifestyle they offer people the opportunity to optimise their health and well-being, and be the best that they can be.

    4) Hangover

    Some of our patients attend the clinic for a “hangover cure”/ ”jet lag”. After a night of heavy drinking, the human body can become electrolyte deficient. Intravenous supplementation can accelerate the recovery process. For these patients, we administer our “modified Myers cocktail”, which contains magnesium, calcium, selenium, vitamins B2, B5, B6, B12, B3, zinc, potassium, vitamin C and glutathione. These ingredients will help recycle antioxidants, detoxify the liver and restore energy levels. It does this by helping to flush out toxins and restore the ideal balance of electrolytes, by helping the body metabolise and break down alcohol. It all adds up to a solution which is perfect for those who live by the mantra “work hard, play hard”, allowing them to ride out the effects of a heavy night on the tiles more easily.

    5) Skin Lightening

    IV drips can help with skin tone, texture and clarity. Ultraviolet light can lead to skin ageing due to the production of reactive oxygen species – which leads to hyperpigmentation and uneven skin tone. Vitamin C and glutathione are potent anti-oxidants which can inhibit melanogenesis, providing a more even, lighter skin-tone. Glutathione injections are very popular; this molecule hailed as the “mother of all anti-oxidants”, is made up of three amino acids, all of which reduce oxidative stress and boost the immune system. For years, vitamin C and glutathione have been applied topically with some excellent results. A study by Dr Keith Ong which explored the results of intravenous nutrition for skin tone found:

    ‘Most patients (n=270, 95.4%) perceived a certain degree of skin hydration and whitening after six Vit C and GSH intravenous injections and most patients (mean score 4.99 out of 7) were satisfied with the results. This supported the popular claim in Asia that Vit C and GSH injections had strong skin hydrating and whitening effects.’

    It isn’t just skin lightening which glutathione IV treatment can bring about. It is understood that skin ailments such as eczema, acne and psoriasis are able to be combatted, and tissue degeneration reduced, along with a decrease in free radicals.

    The evidence is there for all to see. IV vitamin drips can be used to promote an active, healthy lifestyle, even for those people who like to balance out their fitness regime with a good amount of partying! Then there are the other benefits of IV drips – from combatting skin conditions to getting over jetlag. We might see IV vitamin drips become even more popular over the coming years, as more people switch on to the potential personal benefits.

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