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    Laser Hair Removal vs Waxing vs Shaving

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    Laser Hair Removal vs Waxing vs Shaving

    For decades, so many of us have grappled with the exhausting task of removing unwanted hair from our faces and bodies. We have experimented with different methods, hoping and wishing to find a way that will be quicker, easier and provide a less painful form of hair removal than the last – often ending in frustration. That’s why we’ve decided to compare the three major methods of hair removal in terms of safety, effectiveness and efficiency, before crowning the one true champion.

    What are the three methods of hair removal?

    • Laser hair removal – This is typically performed by a therapist at a clinic specialising in skincare. By applying highly advanced laser technology to your skin, it targets the hair follicle directly, inhibiting hair from regrowing. For the purpose of this comparison, we will be referencing the Soprano Titanium – the world’s most advanced treatment technology and our laser hair removal device of choice.
    • Waxing – The name is pretty self-explanatory, but this can be performed at a salon or at your home, by pretty much anyone. Hair is removed from the body by applying some heated wax on paper to your skin and then ripped off in a fast, clean (and incredibly painful) motion. Waxing pulls the hair out from the root, so the effects last a little longer than shaving.
    • Shaving – With the use of a sharp razor, hair is removed by gliding it across the required area. In contrast to laser hair removal or waxing, shaving only removes the tip of the hair shaft and doesn’t target the root or follicle of the hair. This means the hair can grow back rather quickly, so shaving is required on a more regular basis.
    Waxing to remove hairs
    Removing body hair by waxing

    Which hair removal method is safest?

    Laser hair removal has been proven to be the safest and kindest method of hair removal for your skin. The Soprano Titanium acts as a sniper, targeting the hair follicle directly without causing damage to any surrounding tissue. It has treated over 18 million people worldwide, with no cases of serious side effects. At most, you may experience some temporary redness, however, this typically subsides in just a few hours. There is no evidence to suggest any long-term negative effects of laser hair removal at all. In comparison, research and studies have shown that waxing and shaving can have a significantly negative impact on skin health.

    With waxing, the ripping motion can break the hair and lead to it becoming trapped within the pore. This can cause horrible skin conditions such as folliculitis, ingrown hairs or even infected spots, which are not only extremely painful but also unpleasant from an aesthetic perspective. Dermatologists explain that waxing is known to be a direct cause of ingrown hairs. As the wax rips out the hair, it is done so at such a high speed that it can sometimes tear the surface of the skin itself. Although waxing lasts longer than shaving, it still needs to be repeated on a very frequent basis. Hence, at some point, there is a high probability of suffering from one of the above side effects. Shaving is hardly any better. Using a razor to remove hair from the body or face can result in itching, cuts, razor burn, blisters or spots, ingrown hairs, inflamed hair follicles and even dermatitis. As the hair grows back so quickly, it is likely that over the many years of shaving, we will experience at least one, if not more, of these side effects. There is also significant evidence to suggest that over years of prolonged shaving across the same area of skin, trauma caused to the skin can cause irreparable damage.

    Which method is most effective/efficient?

    For a hair removal method to be effective, it must be long-lasting and target the root (no pun intended) of the problem. Laser hair removal is applicable to all skin types and skin tones. If you have tanned or sensitive skin, the Soprano Titanium will still provide you with a perfect treatment. In terms of effectiveness, laser hair removal does what waxing and shaving cannot – it penetrates the skin to destroy the follicle, in turn inhibiting hair growth. It provides a far more ‘permanent’ hair removal solution than waxing or shaving. In just a few treatment sessions, you will notice a considerable reduction in thickness of regrown hair. In just six treatments, you will see up to 90% in permanent hair reduction. Oh, and did we mention it is virtually painless and insanely quick?

    Waxing and shaving on the other hand, are quite the opposite. They offer only temporary hair removal solutions. Waxing is incredibly painful, unkind to the skin and not suitable for all skin types. Waxing will see hair return in just a matter of weeks – and you must wait for its regrowth before getting waxed again. This is a lifelong commitment and a painful one at that – not just physically but for your wallet too. It is also very time consuming and messy. With waxing, hair generally grows back at a similar thickness as before, unlike with laser hair removal. Shaving is a less painful option to waxing, but again, is very time consuming and can lead to razor bumps, irritated skin and cuts just to name a few problems. Shaving is even less effective than waxing, as it cuts the hair above the skin only, which means you are looking at needing to shave every single day. If you have unwanted body hair, shaving manually can be very tricky to do by yourself, and even if you somehow manage it, it is very time consuming, ineffective and not healthy for your skin.


    It is very easy to see that laser hair removal is the superior choice from all angles, with waxing and shaving falling far behind. Laser hair removal, especially with the Soprano Titanium is incredibly fast, painless, smooth and efficient with permanent results. It is the most diverse, for all skin types and in the long run, proves to be the most cost-efficient choice.

    Laser hair removal is the most technologically advanced method of preventing hair growth in unwanted areas and lifelong results can be achieved in approximately six sessions at your clinic. Laser hair removal is available for men and women. Get it done, and your unwanted hair woes will disappear for the rest of your life. This releases a huge burden of worry, time wasted and is a financially sensible decision. Your skin will thank you for it – no more panicking over ingrown hairs or horrid razor bumps. Treat your skin to a session with the Soprano Titanium, it deserves it.

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